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Commercial Litigation Lawyers

The law firm of Hach Rose Schirripa & Cheverie LLP offers business litigation involving breaches of contract, mass torts, breach of fiduciary duties, antitrust violations, fraud and deceptive trade practices, securities law violations, workplace disputes, drug/pharma lawsuits, Qui Tam/SEC violations, and other types of commercial litigation.

Antitrust and Trade Litigation

We represent clients in private damage actions. We also handle criminal violations against corporations accused of violating antitrust laws and companies that have received grand jury subpoenas. We handle antitrust cases involving monopolization, price discrimination, dealer termination, territorial and price-related restraints, as well as restrictive covenants.

Corporate Litigation

Our firm handles cases involving public and closely held corporations and corporate officers, directors, and shareholders. This includes litigation involving management and corporate control issues, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder appraisal rights, contract disputes, employment agreements, non-compete covenants, and financial disputes. We represent partnerships, partners and sole proprietors in similar types of commercial litigation.

Consumer Fraud and Consumer Protection

Our attorneys defend clients who have been victims of consumer fraud. Consumer fraud can include a range of practices that may involve advertising, marketing and the sale of goods or services. Class actions are initiated when a company overcharges or improperly charges consumers for goods or services or runs deceptive or misleading ads for its products.

Securities Litigation and Fraud

We represent clients in litigation cases brought under state and federal securities laws. These cases range from litigation resulting from initial public offerings to shareholder mergers and acquisitions disputes, and securities class actions.

Drug and Pharmaceutical Litigation

We represent consumers bringing lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for injuries suffered from taking dangerous or defective drugs that are on the market. These types of pharmaceutical lawsuits involve unethical marketing practices, drug safety issues, off-label promotion, and contaminated drugs on the part of pharmaceutical companies.

Qui Tam/SEC Whistleblower

When private citizens help disclose cases of fraud against the government, it is known as an SEC whistleblower suit (also called qui tam). Our firm litigates cases by whistleblowers that are encouraged by the government to uncover illegal activities, including tax evasion, health care fraud, and other fraudulent activities that are covered by the False Claims and the Dodd-Frank Act.

Fair Labor Standards Act

Our firm represents clients in need of employment litigation under the Fair Labor Standards Act. This act covers wage/hour violations and disputes, compensation for overtime, and instances of wrongful termination. If you are not adequately compensated at least minimum wage, you may have a cause of action against your employer. This act allows underpaid employees to sue for compensation due to lost wages, or where overtime was not compensated on the job. We also litigate for breach of contract and for wrongful termination due to racial or sexual discrimination.

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